“CREATIVITY” SATURNIA PORCELLANECompositions and Colors for a new style of table setting

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With its "Creativity" project, Saturnia proposes a stylish new way to set the table, through a careful coordination of different collections.

Forms counterpoised into exciting new combinations, in a trio of colors, are a fresh idea for the HO.RE.CA. sector of 2016.

8 Collections for multiple Coordination Concepts

The bearing structure of the project are the eight finalist collections selected by Saturnia. The combinations follow selected guidelines which will allow creation of additional collections. As an example, those who already utilize the "Tokio" collection can integrate this with a selection from the "Siviglia" line. Besides having two collections available, this offers the opportunity to combine, in one table setting, both styles, in a fresh, new "Tokio/ Siviglia" solution for the refined dining table. In this catalogue Saturnia proposes multiple possibilities for utilizing together the porcelain dishes from eight select collections. The philosophy behind the project is simple: it is that each can create his own solution, choosing among the pieces from two or even more collections. Besides the many proposals for combinations are three new optional color schemes: Cream, Tobacco and Grey. These new hue, designed specifically for the HO.RE.CA. sector, currently available solely for the principal pieces in "Tokio" and "Siviglia", are proposed as a part of the renewal of an invi- ting and creative table. The colors were selected on the basis of how well they fit together, broadening the possibilities for individual choice.